Technical make money

Technical make money


Drive for Lyft or Uber

Join Lyft or Uber or even both to make money by driving people around.

It is also a good source of earning keeping in mind the gas and maintenance costs factors.

To earn money with Lyft or Uber,

you will require a car in good condition and should accept the background check and information about your driving history.


Become a private tutor

Use your science, maths, test-prep, or foreign-language skills into a rewarding side gig by becoming a private tutor. You can teach people both in-person and online. Your charges will depend on your expertise and experience and what is in demand.

You need to check what kinds of tutors are desirable on Craigslist or sign up on websites like or, to get started. You can also publicize your services at community centers and local schools.

Do micro gigs on Mechanical Turk

A platform by Amazon, Mechanical Turk enables you to perform small jobs and earn money from them. However, bear in mind that you will not be able to make lots of money out of this. These are actually micro gigs and you will earn in the range of few cents to some dollars at the most. But you can join many of these to get benefited.

You don’t have any specified qualifications to do micro gigs on Mechanical Turk. Typically, it involves taking surveys, doing some light categorizing clicking on links, giving an opinion, or performs any other human-intelligence tasks.

Become a home organizer

You can easily perform home organizing tasks for people. The home organizing industry has gained much popularity since the introduction of the hit series of Netflix “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

If you are an organized and tidy person, and good at organizing areas, you must provide your services to people around you. You would be amazed to know how many people can hire you for doing some organizing task.

Websites like can help you to connect with people who are searching for this kind of service. It depends on whether you wish to go through a professional business or pitch it on your own to people in your business or personal network.

Sell your photos

Are you a photography enthusiast? Make money using your photography skills. Obviously, you have to be good at photography to earn money. However, if you are a good photographer, you can sell your photos on iStockPhoto or Shutterstock to create a passive income

Another quick way to make money by taking photos ask people who are finding photographers to take their photos for birthday parties, engagements, weddings, or other events. You will require a good quality camera and experience and you will certainly earn some money in this way.

Start a website

If you are interested in making passive income, you surely need a website. It is the way to earn money while you are sleeping.

Starting a website takes less than twenty minutes, hardly costs anything, and can be done by anyone. You are required to have the social media presence to get your visitors in the first place then you will see your visitors will keep on growing. There are many ways to monetize your site.

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